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A MOSAIC of Memories: Azura MOSAIC Dream

We have found that many of our MOSAIC Dreams center around either a professional or personal desire.  Recently, Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Squad was able to help one of our residents, Brenda, recapture a professional goal by getting back in the front seat of a police squad car.

Brenda had served on the Racine Police Department for 14 years, so it was no surprise to those who know her that she would want to get back to that moment of joy she had felt serving her community.

The MOSAIC Dreams Squad reached out to the Kenosha Police Department, who welcomed the opportunity to take Brenda for her dream ride. Joined by her husband and an Azura team member, Brenda rode alongside Officer Kate Schaper and saw the town once again from the front seat of a squad car.

Throughout the ride, memories flowed as the two Officers and Brenda’s husband shared stories and talked about Brenda’s time on the force and her time spent as a D.A.R.E officer helping kids learn how to say “No” to drugs!  A true MOSAIC Moment and one that brought some tears, but some joyful smiles as well!

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Kenosha Police Department and to the Azura of Kenosha team for helping to make Brenda’s dream come true and provide her with a MOSAIC of wonderful memories.

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