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Back to the Classroom: Azura MOSAIC Dream

Eleanor, Azura of Sheboygan resident and retired elementary school teacher, had a wish to return to the classroom once more and be around children again. Thanks to the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and Grant Elementary School in Sheboygan, we were able to take her back to the school where she taught at during her career for a visit. Mrs. Park’s Third Grade Classroom was so thrilled to welcome Eleanor and have her read to them for an afternoon!

Eleanor read “Snowmen at Night” by Carolyn Buehner and as soon as she sat in front of the students she snapped right back into teacher mode; showing them the pictures and engaging the students with the story by asking them questions. A true MOSAIC moment!  Afterwards, the class gifted Eleanor a light-up snowman to which a huge smile was given in return. Eleanor also had a surprise visit from another teacher in the building, Mrs. Luedtke, who was once one of Eleanor’s third grade students!

After the visit, Eleanor’s entourage headed to Majerle’s Black River Grill, a local restaurant that is owned by one of Eleanor’s past students. He made the day extra special and picked up the tab for the entire meal—so  exceptional!!!

Thank you to our Sheboygan Team, Grant Elementary School and Majerle’s Black River Grill for making Eleanor’s dream day come true!

You can read and see more from Eleanor’s Dream Day on the Sheboygan Press website here.

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