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Bicycle Dream Comes True: Azura MOSAIC Dream

Some of our most favorite memories are those experienced in childhood and for one resident of our Sheboygan home her dream was to go back to a time when she could feel the wind in her hair and pedal under her foot.  This past month the Azura Memory Care Dreams Squad helped make Audrey’s bike ride dream a reality thanks to the help of a special local partner RCS Empowers, Inc.

While getting on a bicycle may not seem like that big of a deal to most, at age 85 and diagnosed with dementia it was truly a dream that Audrey never thought would happen.  Imagine her amazement when shAzura MOSAIC Dreame was taken to RCS Empowers who had a number of adapted bikes for her to choose from. 

However, it quickly became clear that Audrey didn’t want to ride, she wanted to bike!  As a result,  a side-by-side tandem bicycle was chosen which would allow Audrey and a friend to go for a ride together, each pedaling and working together to steer the bike.  Within seconds of getting on the bike and her partner beginning to pedal Audrey looked down at her legs, which automatically joined in the effort too.  Her long-held body memory from childhood automatically kicked in!

Needless to say a huge smile spread across Audrey’s face and those of everyone watching, this included her daughter who also got to ride with her Mom on the bike too.  In fact, one trip down the Sheboygan Bike Trail was not enough and numerous trips up and down were made with Audrey’s smile beaming the entire time and showcasing the magical moments of joy created through Azura MOSAIC Dreams program.

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