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Bronco’s or Bust: Azura MOSAIC Dream

Azura MOSAIC DreamOne of the long held memories of many in our fair state is to root for the green and gold, but for one resident within our family of care his dream was more blue and orange.  You see, our resident Ken is a huge Denver Bronco’s fan and his wish was to have a true Bronco experience.

As luck would have it, Ken lives at our Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan home, which is just a few short miles from the infamous Bronco’s house and when he learned of this he had to go and get a look.  The MOSAIC Dreams squad worked to ensure his visit to this special abode was filled with fun and lots of conversations about his favorite Team.

However, we took it one step further and contacted the Denver Bronco’s organization and they were thrilled to hear of Ken’s ongoing support.  In fact, they sent him a special care package that had Ken grinning from ear to ear.  He loved every item, but was especially taken with the picture of the Bronco’s cheerleaders and when asked which one caught his eye he stated the obvious, “how could you choose!” Azura MOSAIC Dream

A big thank you to the Denver Bronco’s organization and to the owner of the Bronco’s house for allowing Ken’s MOSAIC Dream to come true! 

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