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Jazz Music Brings Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream

Earlier this June, a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc home had his special MOSAIC Dream made into a reality!  Jerry’s dream was to have an evening reminiscent of the dancing and fun he had at the Milwaukee Eagles Club in his younger years with his wife. 

The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Squad took this information and went to work in planning a dream day with some slight adaptations as the Club has gone through some changes over the years and sadly, Jerry’s wife is no longer with us.  In order to overcome these obstacles, the MOSAIC Dreams Squad decided to bring the Jazz Hall to Jerry and invite his Azura family to participate too. 

Thanks to a local Milwaukee jazz band, Keith Johnson and Jazz Prime, this MOSAIC Dream quickly came to fruition and we were able to transform the Oconomowoc Community Center and Backyard into Jerry’s private Club! 

Many Azura family and friends gathered on the outdoor patio to join the fun and to witness Jerry’s dream unfold. Before the music kicked off, the Azura MOSAIC Dreams Squad presented Jerry with a special cap, donning him the “Jazz King” of the event!

The band delivered some toe-tapping tunes that warranted some dancing and the smooth, melodic vocals had Jerry smiling from ear to ear, even saying “they sound just like they used to”!

In that moment, it was apparent he was living his MOSAIC Dream!

As the band wrapped up, Jerry made his debut on the dance floor along with several other residents and family members. It was a special afternoon and the Jazz King was able to relive his time spent listening to some of the “jazz greats” at the Eagles Club.

Thank you to the Azura of Oconomowoc team for all of their efforts in making Jerry’s dream possible, and thank you to Keith Johnson and Jazz Prime for their musical talents in helping Jerry realize his MOSAIC Dream! Lastly, thank you to Second Wind Dreams for inspiring us to help our resident’s dreams come true!


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