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Limo + Music = FUN: An Azura MOSAIC Dream

Music, dancing, and fun are three words that would describe Pamela’s perfect day. Pamela loved attending live rock concerts in the past and has always wanted to ride in a limo.

The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program and Azura of Oshkosh Team helped make Pamela’s dream day a reality by taking her to Shattuck Park in Neenah for some toe tapping fun at their ‘Out to Lunch’ concert series.  However, in order to get Pamela’s dream off right, she was picked up in style with her own private limo ride from Night Out Limousines. 

Once she arrived at the concert Pamela, her friends and family loved every minute of the music and ability to just be together. To add to the atmosphere, Future Neenah created a special VIP experience with tent, chairs and a Neenah themed gift basket from local shops.  The smile on Pamela’s face was true MOSAIC Moment for all to see.

Thank you to Night Out Limousines, ‘Out to Lunch’ Concerts and Future Neenah for this EXCEPTIONAL experience!

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