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One More Moment on the Course: Azura MOSAIC Dream

Just one more moment out on the course; that was the MOSAIC Dream of Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek resident, Bob, and his family.

Despite a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, golfing has always been a passion of Bob’s that remains close to his heart. With a recent admittance to hospice, Azura Memory Care and his family knew they had to get him out on the course one more time. Thanks to the MOSAIC Dreams Squad, we were able to work with the Meadowbrook Country Club of Racine to provide Bob and his entourage with a golf cart and golf clubs for him to use.

As soon as Bob saw the course his whole demeanor changed.  Once seated in the golf cart, Bob’s face broke into a huge smile and he began to engage with his surroundings and his family.  Even using the special golf clubs to help the ball along.  It was a true joy to watch Bob engage with his passion and the connection it had with him and his family too. 

Thank you, Bob for allowing us to make this MOSAIC Dream a reality.  It was a hole-in-one for us to see you go one more round and be a part of this special day!  

His was such a wonderful story that the Adam Rogan, reporter for the Racine Journal Times newspaper came along for the ride.  Check out his beautiful tribute to Bob and our MOSAIC Dreams program!

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