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Speed Boat Fishing: Azura MOSAIC Dream

Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Program was excited to make a special fishing excursion come true for one of our residents with the help of Second Wind Dreams and team members from Scheels of Eau Claire.  According to John, a 61 year-old resident at Azura Memory Care, his dream was to go “really fast in a big boat, stop and catch a really big fish!”. 

Prior to his early-onset dementia diagnosis, John had owned a boat and enjoyed fishing with his family and reeling in the big catches. Knowing this and hearing his dream request, we wanted to make sure John was able to get back out on a boat and spend the day taking in the scenery and casting lines. With the help of generous Second Wind Dream donors and Scheels of Eau Claire, we were able to make this dream come true from boat to reel to hook, line and sinker!! 

WEAU-Eau Claire ended up coming along to capture his special day and created a very heartwarming video that they shared on their local news segment. Check it out here:

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