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Splashes of Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream

A long-time swimmer’s MOSAIC Dream come true!! The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program was able to help Carole swim again, a past cherished activity she enjoyed on a routine basis, at the Kenosha YMCA for the afternoon. With all of the swimming essentials and her Azura entourage, Carole jumped right back into action once her toes hit the water. It was a true MOSAIC moment to see her pick up right where she left off when she began to swim freestyle and side-stroke! 

After creating many splashes of joy, the day ended with a trip to the Kenosha lakeshore where Carole spent many of her younger years swimming. With some sweet treats and an EXCEPTIONAL view from Harborside Common Grounds, the group enjoyed some reminiscing, singing and dancing!

A huge thank you to the Kenosha YMCA for  helping make Carole’s dream to swim once again come true and to our Kenosha team who made Carole’s day so incredibly special!

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