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Chris Schaefer, Director of Community Relations

Chris is our Director of Communication Relations at Fox Point!  She graduated from UW LaCrosse in 1995 with a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy and worked in that field until February 2024. For the last 20 years, she primarily worked with the geriatric population with a heavy focus on patients with many types of dementia. Chris is a dementia care specialist and also certified in geriatrics and fall prevention.

Chris developed a passion for caregiving early on when she had babysat for a young man with severe physical and cognitive deficits. She realized that physical therapy would be a perfect fit for herself after watching her Grandma experience it. Shortly after Chris entering the physical therapy program at UW LaCrosse, that same grandmother passed away after battling Alzheimer’s for many years. Chris stated, “My relationship with her had planted a seed of passion in me for the elderly, and specifically for those with dementia. I absolutely love connecting with them and learning about their personal history, and then helping them to realize their potential. So often they have lost so much by the time I meet them, and they feel like everyone is trying to take things away from them – I want to show them what they still have, and I will advocate until my last day for this population when they cannot do it for themselves. I love the quote by L. Decker that hangs in the Azura buildings: “To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten.””

Chris enjoys doing puzzles, snuggling with her dogs (2 German Shepherds named Lord Vader and Ahsoka), playing the piano, singing at church, and just relaxing by watching TV or listening to music. And she loves her sunroom and stated she I could sit there all day in the sunshine and listen to the dogs play and the birds sing!

Chris lives in Muskego and has been married since 1996. She has an adult daughter who is married, an adult son, and an adult pseudo-adopted daughter (and soon son-in-law). Chris said, “she comes from a large, but very close, family and we love to have big gatherings – if we are all there it is about 30 people! So, I know the value of family and have always approached my clients the way I would want to be approached or would want my aging parents to be approached. They have lived long, full lives, and they deserve our respect, understanding, compassion and advocacy.”

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