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Fall Crafts for Your Crafty Senior

As the leaves begin to change color and the chill of fall is in the air, we are spending more of our days indoors where it’s warm and toasty. If you are a caregiver caring for an elderly parent, you may want a few suggestions on how to spend your time inside with craft projects for adults. So put the kettle on and brew a cup of tea or cocoa to review these fun ideas you can enjoy with your elderly loved one and invite the kids to join in too!

1. Pumpkins

Fall is an excellent time of year to get into the pumpkin spirit by making pumpkin crafts that can be displayed at Halloween and carry your décor through to Thanksgiving. Below are some ideas for the perfect DIY pumpkin!

Pumpkin Socks

Repurpose Old Laundry Detergent Containers

Sewn Pumpkins


2. Welcome Wreath

A perfect fall item to display on the front door is a wreath to welcome your guests.  A wreath can set the tone for the décor that is inside and easily be changed out to meet each new season.  Heat up your glue gun, gather supplies from your local craft store or items like acorns and leaves from your backyard, and get creative! 

Gnome Wreath

Flannel Wreath

Burlap Wreath


3. Bang for Your Buck

Crafts don’t need to be expensive to look expensive. You can make inexpensive craft projects from items that you can pick up at the dollar store.  Here is a wonderful collection of fun projects that won’t break the bank! Below are some cheap, yet engaging DIY crafts for you and your aging loved one!

Dollar Store DIY


4. Rock Painting

Join this fun craze that would be perfect to participate in during the fall season: painting rocks and hiding them! You can even join a rock painting Facebook page to see if your creations are found. Then take a walk through the leaves and hide them. Tip:  After your rock is painted and dry, spray your rock outdoors with a clear acrylic UV resistant coating, to keep your paint from fading.

Scarecrow Rocks

Fall Inspired Rocks


5. Holiday Gifts

If you are planning to make holiday presents by hand or decorations for the winter season, fall is a good time to start these projects to give you plenty of time to finish and wrap!

DIY Candy Dispensers

Jenga Ornaments

Recycled Snowflakes


Crafting Benefits

Crafting has many benefits for seniors.  Working on small objects can improve hand-eye coordination, and detailed work can help with dexterity. Crafting can help with focus and wake up parts of the brain that haven’t been used since art class. Through crafting, you can learn a new skill, feel a sense of accomplishment, and it can even lift one’s mood. If you choose to join a local class or knitting circle, it can also be social and get your loved one out of the house to share their skills with others. Other than a little mess and clean up, there is no downside for your elderly loved one to tap into their creativity and express themselves through arts and crafts.   

More Craft Ideas

If you are looking for more ideas on crafting that you can share at home, Pinterest is loaded with craft ideas for whatever might interest you. Or, try a crafting kit with all the necessary materials and simple directions to create an art piece without having to run back to the store for forgotten supplies. 

At our Azura communities, our quality of life team creates a calendar filled with activities to keep our residents active and engaged. We provide creative spaces stocked with supplies to express their creativity and passions. Contact one of our communities to learn how our residents indulge their creative pursuits and hobbies for a rich, full life!

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