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Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluating your options when it comes to making the right care choice for a loved one can feel overwhelming and confusing. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions from our prospective residents and their families. Our goal is to provide you all the information you need to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

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Our people are our distinguishing characteristic. Our care specialists are highly trained and committed to the happiness and comfort of our residents. We screen and interview for natural characteristics of compassion. We conduct regular, ongoing training about how to best meet the needs of and create lasting relationships with your loved one. Each resident is treated with the dignity, kindness and respect he or she deserves.

Azura Memory Care was specifically designed and developed for residents needing memory care. The architecture and interior design provide a small, secure, warm setting easily called home. Residents can personalize private rooms with their own furnishings and belongings including family pictures and mementos, to create warm and comforting surroundings. Azura can furnish the rooms if you’d like. Each private room is just steps away from the living room and dining room, where residents can socialize, home cooked meals are served and memories made. The building is designed to encourage independence and freedom, including internal walking paths leading residents back to the living room, contrasting colors that help residents differentiate between counters, floors, walls and doors more easily, and doors that are unlocked but alarmed to ensure resident safety.

Using the Household Model as a guide and cutting-edge research from around the world, we have also incorporated other items into our homes to create the best possible environmental MOSAIC to support our residents. Below are just a few of the highlights of how our MOSAIC philosophy coupled with the Household Model equal exceptional care and quality of life!

  • Dutch doors on resident rooms to enhance privacy and safety.
  • Hard surface flooring in entry and bathrooms, with seamless transition and 90% of room using carpet with all flooring heat-sealed to reduce stain and smells.
  • Age-in-Place Bathrooms that feature nightlights, pinch-free barn doors, motion Sensors to help monitor residents who are a fall risk​, shut-off valves for shower, toilet, and sink​ and a black toilet seat to aid in depth perception issues.
  • Black toilet seats ensure a safe landing when using the restroom as it is the easiest color to distinguish to the visually impaired.
  • Individual HVAC units with in-room controlled thermostat with built-in safety controls.
  • Fabrics chosen for comfort, resident fit and in our Azura Memory Care homes using the internationally recognized Virtual Dementia Tour glasses.
  • Colors in our Azura Memory Care homes have been selected based on research that shows green to help reduce activity in the central nervous system, while red is physiologically stimulating.
  • Red Plates to enhance appetite, based on a Boston University study that showed a 25% increase in appetite when used at every meal.





The staff level in each community is based on the particular needs of its residents. At the time a resident moves in, we learn everything we can about their individual needs. We repeat that process every six months or as the need arises. This information helps us to assess staffing levels. Staffing levels are generally higher at Azura Memory Care than in other memory care facilities, and are adjusted regularly to meet resident needs.

Azura can care for residents with dementia through the final stages of the disease. It is our hope and intention that even residents with this particularly relentless disease will not have to move again after coming to our community. Azura Memory Care is dedicated to providing a warm and safe environment for frail seniors through their last years, and bring in hospice services when appropriate. In fact, we work with various health care agencies to provide hospice care and other supportive services so that residents may live out their days in a familiar and comfortable environment, surrounded by friends and a family of caregivers who know them best.

Assisted living, even for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments, is primarily private pay or reimbursed by long term care insurance. While Medicare or Medicaid alone does not cover assisted living care, Wisconsin and Colorado have a few innovative funding programs for financially qualified residents that continue to expand across the state. Each county has criteria and limited funds for these programs. Consult with the Azura Memory Care Director or the Aging and Disability Resource Center office in your county for more information on these and other programs.

Although costs of assisted living and Alzheimer’s care are generally paid by residents or families, there are also private long term care insurance plans for assisted living that typically cover costs. Review your individual policy with your insurance provider. We are also happy to review the policy with you to see if our specialized services may be covered by your policy.

Azura Memory Care does offer short-term respite and works with various health care agencies to provide hospice care, welcoming every resident with equal warmth.


Azura Memory Care maintains a comprehensive resource library that is open to family and friends of residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and to the general public. We work in cooperation with community organizations that tend to the care of those with memory impairments and the care of the caregiver. We therefore can connect family members with resources that might be helpful. Each Azura Memory Care location also works closely with its local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, many acting as community education resources for the association.

Azura also offers Support Groups, Memory Cafe’s, Virtual Dementia Tours, Dementia Training for families, an Early Memory Loss class, webinars and more! You can keep an eye on when these events are happening near you by heading to our Events Page.

At Azura Memory Care, we are proud of our MOSAIC philosophy and even more proud of the dedicated, hard-working, caring professionals that make our place so special. We place the highest value on the happiness and well-being of our guests and staff. We truly believe that when people work together and show mutual respect, anything is possible.

Five core values guide the decisions we make as team members and as a company:

  1. We are COMMITTED to the care of our residents and team members.
  2. We LOVE what we do and who we do it with.
  3. We encourage INNOVATION and creativity.
  4. We treat our residents with the utmost COMPASSION.
  5. We treat everyone with KINDNESS, dignity and respect.

Memory care services are specially designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia.

Communities with memory care services provide seniors with a structured environment, including set routines tailored to the individual resident’s needs and preferences, and safe environments to help residents feel secure. Memory care services include more security measures compared to standard assisted living communities, helping prevent residents from wandering too far away from home.

Seniors who need memory care get specially trained team members to help with all their needs, including personal care tasks. 

Our programs are designed to fill your loved one’s life with meaningful experiences that meet their needs. This helps to improve the quality of your loved one’s life, and it makes family visits and interactions more meaningful.

Quality senior living includes trained memory care specialists who will talk to you and your loved one to assess their needs and strengths. This will help the community experts develop a structured experience that keeps your loved one’s interests and passions alive.

The best memory care programs will not just look at needs. They will also focus on your loved one’s existing abilities to maximize their strengths, rather than focusing on what they can no longer do. Top-tier memory care is all about making the most of what we have, and paving the way to an easier, brighter future.

Generally, a senior with dementia should go into a care home if you’re struggling to meet their needs and your mental and physical health as a caregiver are at risk. Importantly, the safety of your loved one should be a key factor in deciding whether it’s time for memory care.

Yes! Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy is provided to our residents in the comfort of their Azura home. These services are prescribed by the doctor, and typically covered by Medicare or insurance. 

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"I was extremely impressed at all of the thought that went into the care at Azura. There are so many safety features throughout the house designed for those with dementia without making it feel like a prison. The details put into the home makes it a true safe haven for those with memory impairments. We are looking forward to moving my mom in come January."
Review Posted by Denise R.