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Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care’s MOSAIC philosophy is based on our exclusive training and engagement programming, which ensures that our Team provides not just high quality care, but exceptional personalized engagements that result in magical MOSAIC Moments and radiant smiles!
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MOSAIC represents the recognition that every piece of what our residents need and desire is of value, gives them purpose and is important. As their support system, every Azura Team member must know and realize they play an integral role in maintaining each residents MOSAIC that makes their quality of care and their quality of life joyful!

Held-up as a standard in care, MOSAIC honors the personhood of each individual by understanding that aging happens, but it can be done vibrantly. In addition, that Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is a disability in only specific areas of the brain, not the whole person. As a result our strengths-based programming works to enhance independence, while utilizing the ability and parts of the brain that are still functioning properly leading to engagement and enhanced quality of life.

As a result of this advanced training, our Team is empowered to create personalized MOSAIC programming to meet our residents Core Psychological Needs. When you visit Azura you will witness our everyday use of MOSAIC programming through creative expression, small group peer interactions, special interest clubs, one-on-one engagements with caregivers, outdoor activities, small group outings, daily themes, church services, supervised baking, music and much more!

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"I was very surprised to see what a smooth transition my grandma had into a memory care. The Azura staff went above and beyond to add personal touches to her room, and really make it feel like home for her."
Review Posted by Mallory G.