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Love Gets Better With Age

If someone asked you, “What does love look like?”, how would you respond? Many of us this day and age will base our perspectives of “love” off of Ally and Noah’s passionate love in The Notebook, or Henry and Lucy’s playful love in 50 First Dates. However, some of the strongest notions of love can come from our family, particularly our older love birds. Valentine’s Day marketing is often targeted at that new found love or newly weds, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a significant holiday for mature lovebirds and the wisdom they have to share. 

So plan something special for your sweetheart, or for your parents to celebrate the love, faith, and patience that has held their love together for all these years. You are never too old to be in love, and it really does just get better with age (or if you’re like my grandparents, they think that being married to each other has aged them more).

Below are a few examples of how love gets better with age:

You have a family to share. Many of our older couples will have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren to enjoy. Having this shared close connection to family is a wonderful way for seniors to stay connected and current through their interactions with the younger generation. They can take part in the joy of seeing their children as parents and observing how much the world has changed since they were young  And often, they can share advice with family members based on the experiences in their long lives.

Free time to spend together. After juggling the demands of a busy home, full-time jobs, raising children, house maintenance and short weekends, many couples can now fully enjoy quality time together after retirement.  They have the time to plan vacations, indulge in their hobbies, and focus on each other. There may be no other time in our lives that can be as indulgent as when your time is your own.

Feel younger together. When you look into the eyes of the one you love, the years will melt away.  She will see his boyhood charm beyond the gray hair, and he will look past her wrinkles.  This may be the one person able to tap into the youthful vibrancy of when you first met. Try to rekindle a shared moment from when you were newlyweds or if you are a caregiver, help recreate a special moment–a first date, romantic picnic, or favorite vacation.

Anniversaries have new meaning. With the passage of time, anniversaries for an elderly couple can take on a special importance and continue to fulfill the promise they made to each other. This marked passage of time and their relationship wisdom should be cherished. Make each anniversary count with a celebration, a special dinner, a short trip, or the perfect gift. Enduring the tough times and investing in a long-term relationship should be celebrated.


Azura Living would like to wish all lovebirds, no matter their age, love that endures the test of time and that the years only add JOY to your life together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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