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Bill and Todd’s Racetrack Dream

Todd and Bill are both residents at Azura of Oconomowoc, and share a love of race cars and their drivers. Both are friends at Azura, so we figured why not do a double dream for these gentlemen? We learned that Bill has numerous model cars he has brought to Azura and has always loved model cars and hot rods! Todd’s family loves NASCAR and when entering Todd’s room you can tell from pictured and hats from NASCAR. Todd is also always ready to color any racecar picture that comes his way. When he first moved in NASCAR races helped him get comfortable at Azura. By the way, ask Todd to see the tattoo for his favorite racecar driver! Our team took Todd and Bill to a race on September 10th, and they had the best day ever! Being back on the track brought back so many wonderful memories for the both of them!

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