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Davey’s Horseback Riding Dream

Davey is at resident at Azura of Brookfield. Back in the day, Davey was an Indian Scout and spent a lot of his free time riding horses! If you ever are in Davey’s room, he has photos of horses everywhere! And so off we went to the Kettle Moraine forest to fulfill Davey’s best day ever – a guided horseback ride. He got on the horse and rode like a champ! Throughout the ride, our guides, Lisa and Alyssa, taught us about horse riding safety, as well as fun facts! Davey remember more about horses than he thought! (He even knew how many hours they sleep)! Davey and his horse, Josie, went through different obstacles, learned the proper technique for going uphill and downhill, and even successfully swerved through a row of trees! Davey’s Azura family was able to join him for his special day, and he was especially excited that his best friend, Dan, could be there! And a huge thank you to Lisa and Alyssa at Wild 3L Ranch for making Davey’s special day a reality!

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