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Don’s Watch Party Dream

Don is a resident at Azura of Fox Point, and is a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs. Growing up in Racine, the Cubs were the closest major league team and there were lots of fans in SE Wisconsin at that time. The Milwaukee Braves came in 1953 when Don was already 16, and by then was used to taking the train to Chicago’s Wrigley Field with his mom a few times a summer. Thanks to our friends at WTMJ for setting up a special message for Don from David Kaplan, broadcaster with the Chicago Cubs! Don was smiling ear to ear watching David Kaplan’s message to him. Similar to what David said, Don’s dream for the Cubs to win a World Series in his lifetime finally came true in 2016 and he was so ecstatic. Before that it was in 1907 and 1908! His family grew up watching the Cubs and also going to Wrigley Field as part of their summer tradition as kids – so a watch party with their Dad was something very special. And in true Azura fashion, it would not be a dream come true for our residents without a feast! Culinary Specialist, Pat, and Armand spent the day grilling brats and hotdogs for not only Don and his family, but the entire Azura of Fox Point community! Of course, with all the fixings, sides, and treats you could think of! WTMJ also gave Don a baseball signed by David Ross, current manager of the Chicago Cubs! Thank you to WTMJ and everyone who had a hand in making Don’s Watch Party dream come true! What an amazing day for him that he will never forget.

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