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Shirley’s Horse Dream

Shirley’s lifelong dream has been to have a horse of her own. Her fascination with horse began as a child in England, when she watched milkmen deliver on horseback. Those milkmen saw her excitement and let her hop on and pretend to ride, which sparked her passion for horses that she still has today!

Later on in life, Shirley took up horseback riding as a hobby. But being a devoted mother of five meant that owning a horse was just no longer an option. Her kids tried to fill the void by taking her to see horses, but walking long distances became challenging.

Life Striders in Waukesha was kind enough to tailor to Shirley’s needs and make her dream of being around horses again come true! Nicole, a program instructor there, gave Shirley a personal tour and introduced her to Piper, a horse who became her friend for the day! She loved learning all about their horses and if it was up to her, she would’ve stayed there all day long.

Thank you to the team at Life Striders for making this heartwarming day possible for Shirley and her family!

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