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Terrah DeMagistris, Vice President of Human Resources

Terrah DeMagistris is the Vice President of Human Relations and graduated from the University of Nevada Reno with a Bachelor’s degree in business management. Terrah has worked in Human Resources for a decade.

However, it was during her a stint in high school as a dietary aid for an assisted living home that she realized her passion for people.  From there she set out to make a difference in people’s lives in the long-term care setting.

“I chose to work at Azura because I truly believe we are transforming the culture of care,” said Terrah.  “I also believe that transformation starts with the people walking the floor.  Human Resources is here to protect and support our most important asset, our team, because without that team we couldn’t do what we do every day.”

Core Value Story: EXCEPTIONAL

Many employees at Azura have been simply amazed by the work that Terrah does. They can always count on her to answer any questions they may have and she does so in a respectful and prompt manner. She always has a cheerful demeanor and truly holds our core values close to her. She helps Azura retain the finest by diligently searching for the best candidate and does not go through with a candidate unless she knows they will embody what Azura emulates. She is an amazing team player who is always innovative in her approach and is exceptional in supporting her fellow employees.

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