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George’s PGA Dream

George Tomashot was an accustomed golfer prior to his stay at Azura Memory Care and has since then continued to express his love for the game. He knew all the golf statistics and continues to share that knowledge with his friends and family. Aside from his golf history, he served in the army and worked as an engineer as his career. Using his hands-on talents, he has built four homes in Ohio, earned numerous patents, and has created many wildlife art carvings. George has shared with our team members here at Azura that he dreams of visiting the golf course again and playing a round of golf. As a part of our MOSAIC dreams program, we work to fulfill these dreams for our residents and their loved ones. Our team was able to set up a special golf outing for George accompanied by his son, daughter, and son-in-law. The dream kicked off at 11AM on Friday, June 17th at the North Shore Country Club in Mequon. The director of golf at the club, Eric Keeler, offered to host George and his family through their stay. He gifted them new golf polos and hats along with designated lockers for the day, as well as provided lunch, new shoes and even a custom stitched Taylormade golf bag for George. The golfing began at the driving range with Tami Bealert, the Director of Instruction at the club. Afterwards the group took a break to eat lunch in the country club clubhouse, and then warmed up to tee off their 18-hole round of golf! Jordan Niebrugge, golfer a part of the club’s professional staff, joined them on the course and play alongside George.

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