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Judy Dances with the Bucks Grand Dancers

Did you know that dancing can prevent dementia? In 2003, the New England Journal of medicine did multiple studies and found that dancing CAN reduce the onset of dementia. This study went on for 21 years, evaluating hundreds of older adults, aged 75 and up. The researchers studied each individual for an extended period of time – taking note of their physical and cognitive brain stimulation while completing the following activities: reading, writing, crossword puzzles, playing cards, playing musical instruments, dancing, walking, tennis, swimming and golf. Surprisingly, dance was the one activity that was good for the mind, significantly reducing dementia risk. Regular dancing reduced the risk of dementia by 76%, twice as much as reading. Doing crossword puzzles at least four days a week reduced the risk by 47%, while cycling and swimming offered no benefit at all. Here at Azura, our Quality of Life coordinators/directors do “Move and Groove” with our residents daily as their morning exercise. We learn new choreography, and have options for those in a wheelchair or those who are ambulatory! In fact, we took special notice of one of our residents at Azura of Fox Point, Judy Brannon, whose highlight of her day was getting to dance in the morning with her neighbors. As a part of our MOSAIC dreams program, we started working on fulfilling Judy’s dream, which was to dance for the Milwaukee Bucks, her favorite sports team. The Bucks Granddancers were quick to visit Judy at our Azura home in Fox Point last March, and she did so well remembering the routine that they invited her to perform with them at a Bucks game! Fast forward to January, Judy’s dream came true. She danced during a timeout with the Bucks Granddancers during the Bucks vs. Wizards game, and truly, her “hips didn’t lie”! She did amazing and it was a day she will never forget.

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