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From Garden to Table

You may have noticed that all of our Azura homes have a vibrant garden in our backyard, but did you know that all of the vegetables, fruits and herbs we grow, we eat daily, too? Our farm-to-table approach is not only good for the environment and sustainable, but it also fills our residents with nutrient rich, delicious meals every day!

In an article recently done by Direct Supply, they stated, 

“It’s all about showcasing a plate, getting as much color on there as possible,” noting that many residents are members of the Great Depression-era Silent Generation. Food was hard to come by or dismal in their youth and most often came out of a can, so offering fresh vegetables is a great way to invigorate mealtimes.”

“And it’s not just residents who benefit from this fresh take on food. Any visitor during a mealtime is invited to sit down with a loved one to enjoy a locally sourced meal at no charge. Regulating supply is a challenge, and more often than not there is an abundance of food. Extra produce not used in the kitchen is set out in reception areas for family members to take home, free of charge. As Carson notes, it’s about sharing good food, educating people on the benefits of eating organic and reducing food waste whenever possible.”







As the baby boomer generation starts to get older, the number of people living with dementia worldwide is expected to increase from 24 million in 2001 to 81 million in 2040. With the increased number of people also comes increased need for nutritious meals, so having an on-site garden is extremely beneficial.

Giving those with memory loss a task, such as watering the garden or picking tomatoes, can help their confidence, independence, and dignity for as long as possible. Having a job makes a person feel needed and useful, something that many memory care residents struggle with as they lose their abilities. 

At Azura, we focus on the abilities our residents still have versus the abilities that have been lost. 

We hope that in the coming weeks, you are able to sit down with your loved one and enjoy a fresh salad straight from your garden or ours! 


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