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Brooke Verfuerth, Human Resources Coordinator

Brooke is our Human Resources Coordinator and graduated from UW Madison with her bachelor’s in research in medical microbiology, genetic engineering and life science communication. After being a researcher in the lab for a few years, she realized that she enjoyed talking to others about scientific processes to help them understand and connect. The longer she worked in the lab, the more she realized that she enjoyed talking about the research more than doing the actual science. She was then faced with the opportunity to pivot in a different direction that helped her continue to build and refine communication skills. She took an opportunity to work in program management at UW Madison and that is where she fell in love with Human Resources. 

In her free time, Brooke loves to hike with her dogs, practice yoga, cook food for the people she loves and read books.

“I fell in love with the mission of Azura. I had grown up going to visit my grandparents in assisted living homes that were poorly run with a sad quality of life. So, I feel very passionate about working for a company that is dedicated to transforming the culture of care for their residents.”

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