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Dancing Could Prevent Dementia

You’re probably reading the title of this blog and thinking, “Moving my arms and legs could prevent me from getting dementia? You’re insane.” Well, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. […]

Understanding Different Types of Dementia

If you Google “How many different kinds of dementia are there?” you will be presented with hundreds of answers. Realistically, there are more types of dementia than we really know, […]

Managing Caregiving Frustrations

Being the primary caregiver for a loved one with dementia can be extremely challenging and frustrating – even on the best of days. Your loved one with dementia can develop […]

Helping Children Understand Dementia

Dementia is a mental disease that is far-reaching and can affect the entire family, including children and grandchildren. For kids, seeing their grandparents suffer from a cognitive decline can be […]

Love Gets Better With Age

If someone asked you, “What does love look like?”, how would you respond? Many of us this day and age will base our perspectives of “love” off of Ally and […]

What is Hospice Care?

Right off the bat, the term “hospice” can sound very scary and intimidating to those who are planning the next move for their loved one’s care. However, hospice is nothing […]

Avoiding Loneliness Around the Holidays

While you are preparing for the holidays – wrapping the presents, grocery shopping and cleaning the house – often, our elderly loved ones are having a difficult time. As seniors become […]

Using Memories to Keep Spirits Bright

Many of us feel a sense of nostalgia around the holidays – leaving cookies for Santa, unwrapping presents from Mom and Dad, decorating the tree or building a snowman with […]